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Fountain Repair & Care Tips for Huntington Beach Residents

If you live or work in Huntington Beach and have a fountain in your home or office, it’s important that you’re aware of how the local climate and air quality can affect its care and repair needs, as well as its regular maintenance requirements.

Southern California’s hot and sunny climate can be perfect for ponds and fountains, but it also means that your fountain’s maintenance needs might not be the same as those of someone in another part of the country.

Below, we’ve listed four fountain care, repair and maintenance tactics for people located in and around the Huntington Beach area. If you own a fountain as part of your property and it needs fountain repair service, read on for a quick list of simple ways you can get more from your care and maintenance routine.

Clean your fountain regularly to make up for air quality issues

Southern California is infamous for its air quality issues — a problem that’s particularly obvious in the Los Angeles and Orange County area. The hot, stagnant weather in Southern California can cause problems for fountains and water features, making regular cleaning important.

If you run your fountain throughout the year, set aside time to clean it every few months using a scrubbing pad. Even a quick clean is normally enough to loosen up dirt and algae that can build up over time, particularly in warm weather.

Remember that the more frequently you clean your fountain, the less work it takes to clean it up each time. We recommend cleaning your fountain whenever you notice algae or dirt building up, or calling us to take care of it for you.

Pick up leaves, branches and other fall debris as early as possible

If you have koi and goldfish in your fountain, it’s important to keep their living environment clean throughout the year. In fall, dead leaves that drop into your fountain can add up and become an annoyance and health risk for your fountain’s residents.

During fall, check your fountain every few days and pick out leaves before they can accumulate and have an effect on the local ecosystem. Fish, turtles and other fountain residents will thank you for being attentive.

Check your fountain pump for algae buildup

The warm weather in Southern California means algae grows faster here than it does in cooler parts of the country. This makes it especially important that you check your fountain pump often and clean away algae growth.

There are several ways to clean a fountain pump. One way is to use cleaning solution. Another is to use vinegar to remove debris that’s built up inside the pump. Before you use any chemical solution to clean your pump, check that it’s safe to use and non-toxic for fish.

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Fix leaks quickly to avoid wasting water

Droughts and water shortages are a serious issue in Southern California, making it important to stay on top of your fountain’s condition to avoid having to use excess water. This means acting quickly to solve problems and fix leaks as soon as they develop.

Water is a precious resource, and it’s always best to conserve water instead of wasting it. If you notice a leak developing on your fountain, call our team right away to get it repaired so you don’t waste water over the long term by constantly compensating for a leak.

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What to Look For in an Irvine Fountain Repair Service

Is your fountain damaged and in need of repairs? While some fountain issues can be solved at home, major cracks and other damage are best repaired by the professionals to prevent them from reoccurring in the future.

Based in Irvine, we offer fountain repair services for homeowners, commercial properties and businesses in the area. To help ensure you get the best service, we recommend looking for a fountain repair service in Irvine with the following qualities:

Decades of experience

Fountain repair requires both knowledge and hands-on experience. While some fountain repairs are simple, others can be surprisingly complex, with a risk of cracks and leaks redeveloping if an inexperienced or non-expert technician performs the repair.

One of the first things you should look for when comparing fountain repair service is the level of experience you can expect from the technician.

Founded in 2001, we’ve been in business for more than 15 years and have dealt with thousands of fountain repair, installation and maintenance cases. Our owner Mark Kelly has more than 25 years of hands-on experience in fountain and pond keeping and maintenance.

Your fountain is an asset, and it’s always best to trust it to the professionals when it needs to be repaired or maintained. Choosing a technician with at least a decade of experience ensures you get the best results with the lowest risk of the problem reoccurring in the future.

A convenient location

It’s important to choose a fountain repair tech that’s located close to your home or building, as a faraway business could require hours to travel to you — hours that you’re likely to pay for if your home is a long distance from their office.

Based in Irvine, we serve a huge range of cities and locations throughout Southern California, with fast and effective service that lets you get the assistance you need without having to wait for hours for your technician.

From our location on Bayonne Cir, Irvine, we can travel to most homes and businesses quickly and efficiently to ensure you aren’t left waiting or forced to pay a premium to receive help from an inconveniently located company.

A portfolio of successful jobs

Most pond and ountain repair service providers in Irvine also offer fountain design and installation, making their existing work portfolio a great tool for you to understand their style and get a detailed picture of their work quality.

Before you choose a fountain repair technician, ask to see examples of their previous work. If they’ve built fountains similar to yours, they’ll have a stronger understanding of how to complete a successful repair.

Our fountain portfolio includes examples of our previous work, ranging from modern fountains to natural fountains designed to blend into any garden setting. As such, we’re more than capable of handling any type of fountain repair.  

Free advice and assistance

Do you know what’s wrong with your fountain? Do you have an approximate idea of how much it will cost to repair? If not, your fountain repair technician should be able to explain this at no cost before they start working on your fountain repair.

If you’re not completely aware of the extent of the damage to your fountain, make sure you ask your fountain repair tech for a quote before they begin working. This way, you know exactly how much you’ll need to pay, without any unwanted surprises once the job is completed.

We offer free quotes to all customers interested in our services. In fact, all that’s required is a quick call to our Irvine location on 949-653-2305 to speak to a member of our team and find out exactly how much your fountain repair, cleaning or maintenance will cost.


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Fountain Repair: Should You Do it Yourself or Call the Experts?

Is your fountain broken? When a large item or installation breaks, you’re faced with a choice as a property owner — should you purchase replacement parts and repair it yourself, or should you call in the experts?

Just like any other large installation or piece of equipment, fountains can break in a wide range of different ways. Sometimes, the equipment that helps your fountain operate breaks. In other situations, the structure of the fountain itself can suffer damage that needs to be repaired.

Because of this, it’s something okay to repair your fountain yourself, whereas in other situations it’s best to call the experts in Orange County fountain repair service. Below, we’ve listed a variety of common situations that you could find yourself in as a fountain owner, as well as our advice about how to proceed in each one.

If your fountain isn’t pumping water properly…

If your fountain suddenly stops being able to pump water, there’s likely an issue with the water pump. This is obviously a major problem, because without adequate water pressure, the vast majority of fountains won’t operate at all.

Water pumps can break down or malfunction in a variety of ways. Sometimes, the filter inside your water pump can become clogged, resulting in a reduction in water pressure or a complete shutdown of the pump.

Other times, electrical problems can cause the pump to stop working as it should. In this case, the action required is much more than just replacing a filter — your water pump might require a significant repair in order to start working again.

If your water pump stops working (or you’re not sure of the problem, but suspect the pump has some kind of damage), we recommend calling our technicians to learn more about the problem and possible solutions.

If your fountain is chipped, scratched or damaged…

Fountains made from stone can become chipped and worn down over time, often from things like hailstones and impacts with vehicles, tools and other items. Some fountains can also just develop chips and material damage over time as a result of running water and rain.

If you have experience with basic home maintenance, you might be able to repair chips and scratches in your water fountain on your own. Usually, all that’s required is a combination of mortar and cement, depending on how your fountain is designed.

If you feel confident you can repair chips or scratches yourself, there’s little risk in trying your hand at repairing your fountain. However, if you’ve never used mortar and concrete before, it’s definitely a better idea to call in an experienced technician to handle the water fountain repair.

If your fountain is broken and leaking into the surrounding area…

Leaking fountains can be a serious problem, especially if the fountain is located close to your home or another structure. Without leaks, fountains will empty excess water into the drain; if a leak occurs, it’s almost impossible to control where the water will end up.

Just like chips and scratches, leaks are repairable, even for non-experts. If you’ve used silicone sealants to seal a bathtub or bathroom vanity unit before, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to repair the leak in your fountain.

However, it’s worth pointing out that you should only ever consider repairing a leaky fountain on your own if your fountain is made of fibreglass or stone. If you don’t have any experience, or you aren’t sure what your fountain is made of, you should always call in a fountain repair technician.

Does your fountain need repairs?

At OC Pond and Fountain Care, we specialize in installing, repairing and maintaining ponds and fountains. Our experienced team provides fountain maintenance and repair services to a range of clients throughout Orange County, from private residences to small and large businesses.

Does your fountain need repairs? If your fountain is damaged and you don’t feel confident that you can repair it on your own, our experienced team can take care of the problem for you. Call us now on 949-653-2305 or contact us online to talk to our team and learn more.


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Fountain Algaecide


Remember to use only a “algae-fix” type algaecide for controlling fountain algae.
Many people use bleach or chlorine to control algae in fountains but the main issue with that is bird safety. Many birds use ornamental fountains in order to bathe and drink. bleach and chlorine diluted water will kill birds. Algae-fix or related products are “fish and bird safe” and are available at most pet stores. Save the birdies!!!