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Amazing Water Fountain Ideas to Spruce Up Your Garden

An elegant garden fountain with water spraying from a central sculpture into a surrounding basin, adorned with flowering plants and decorative stones. Amazing Water Fountain Ideas to Spruce Up Your Garden

Nature in its pure state is beautiful; nonetheless, landscaping enhances this beauty. The OC OC Fountain ServicesPond & Fountain Care, an Orange County-based landscaping and designing company founded in 2001, has been providing services to improve home or corporate aesthetics using natural elements, waterfalls, and ponds.

Since its inception, the company has developed, maintained and services human-made waters such as fountains, ponds and water gardens. The company also does water fountain repair should the pool require a phase lift. It ideally deals with beautification using water pools and general management of aqua life including ensuring cleanliness is at par.

Water fountains exist to improve the natural scenery of an atmosphere; bring in a natural feel, crisp air, and calmness. The development and designing of the fountains thanks to creativity is varied each with a distinct smart appeal. In most cases, the variance is brought about by different customer preferences. The following are some stylish ways to enhance your garden water fountain for small to large spaces.

Alluring features that spice up your garden water fountain

The general idea is to give the best design, that is attractive and in rogue to beget praise. You, therefore, need to provide a nice eye shot to every detail and ensure precision and beauty is at its best. Check out the following:

1. Aqua life

If you desire to give you water fountain more growth, there is no best way other than have living creature hovering over or in the water. This is suitable if the water bodies to which the fountain lies are more like a natural habitat for aqua-life such as fish. Presence of living organism boost the pool’s beauty.

2. Plants and vegetation

Landscapers have gone a notch higher and established that plants and vegetation can be anchored on water. Some low lying plants are beautiful to behold blossoming in water with their flowers budding out. Besides, they help thin, clean humid air.

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3. Nature of the rock bed

In constructing a water fountain, the landscapers lie a fountain of rocks where the water will be on. The rock bed can be made from ancient stones to sparkling crystal-like surfaces as the designer may please. There are different types of rocks or materials that can be used, each giving great aesthetics.

4. Designs

There are many ponds, pool, and water fountain designs up for selection in the world. There are fountains on the wall, in the garden with different shapes from love heart to long stretches and many more. The variation ensures that there is something for everyone, of course with room to customize plans as per the clients’ preferences, tastes, and aesthetics.

Well, even as the water fountains are beautiful to behold, there is a need to ensure they are always clean; otherwise, they will pose as an environmental hazard. This is where the OC Pond & Fountain Care come in handy as they do the garden fountain repair and maintenance in line with their mantra, ‘green to clean.’ We pride in being the leader in water quality assessment, environmental preservation, and unmatchable fountain water designs.