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Garden Water Fountains

A water fountain is a decorative water feature that has become a necessity in most residential and commercial establishments. Some serve as highlight articles in gardens that attract clients and increase the value of properties. Design options have expanded throughout the years with some being customizable and others including built-in features.

We design, maintain, and repair different water features like:


A Few of Our Fountain and Pond Projects

Waterfall fountains add a theatrical touch to outdoor spaces without taking up too much ground space as they are installed vertically or to a makeshift ceiling. They are suitable for small backyards or indoor spaces.

Some designs are constructed with water pumps that circulate water back up through the fountain, such as with a pondless waterfall. Others merge these water features with a pond, attaching a decorative catch basin to create a naturally balanced look—just like the glossy tiled walls in fancy hotels with a stream of running water that leads to a fish pond.

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Garden Pond

Having a pond in the garden adds life to the replica of Mother Nature in your property. It also serves a double purpose when constructed with a fountain as it stirs still water, preventing mosquitoes from breeding in and the water from creating a moss-like smell.

Ideas to Stimulate Your Imagination

Ecosystem ponds and Japanese koi ponds are popular water gardens for a reason. After all, they add a natural and colorful focal point to the flowers and plants in the background. A small stream of moving water can line around or within a garden, resulting in a canvas painting-like scenery right in your backyard.

Planning a Water Feature Design for Homes and Businesses

Decorative and multi-purpose water features are long-term property investments. Thus, professional planning is a must when installing them. OC Pond Fountain Service has a proven track record in servicing landscape projects in residences and businesses.

Rest assured that our pond design and garden fountain specialist will guide you in turning your dream garden project into reality and handle all the heavy lifting: this means pond installation, pond maintenance, procurement, and more. Contact us today for a free quote!

Ideas to Stimulate Your Imagination

We design, maintain, and repair different water features like: