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Design is Everything

Backyard water fountains and garden ponds add appeal to outdoor spaces and create a relaxing ambiance indoors but they are not merely decorative. Unique hydro features also make or break the value of a real estate property. Thus, careful planning and expert fountain creation are necessary.

Our fountain design Orange County team has been designing ponds and water feature environments for a long time, even before we started our own business. Our years of professional experience in pond and fountain enhancements in Orange County CA residential and commercial establishments have proven our expertise and skills on basic hardware installation—structure, fountain pump, nozzle, and basin—and showcased our mastery of construction, e.g., design variations and accessory effects.

We will be pleased to consult with you and help you develop a landscape idea that can be turned into your dream fountain or koi pond. Just give us a call! 

We can create, install, and maintain wall fountains, backyard fountains, pondless waterfalls, modern and traditional fish ponds, and contemporary fountains with statues, just to name a few.

Integration of Wants and Needs

While outdoor water features serve as focal points to gardens and lawns, nearly every potential pond or fountain space has some limitations. It’s critical to the overall project that those limitations be considered. Fortunately, there is a solution to every problem that you could possibly face when it comes to the architecture of your fountain or pond and the environment around it.

You need not sacrifice tranquility or your aesthetic preferences to accommodate the technical aspects of setting up fountains in Orange County. Our professional pond and fountain planners and technicians can help you:

  • Pick out the proper placement for the installation
  • Estimate the appropriate pond or fountain size for the available space
  • Review your home vicinity and get the proper measurements and necessary homeowners permits
  • Match the pond or fountain style and aesthetics to your garden theme or personal style
  • Choose and install a safe power source
  • Choose and connect a suitable water pump
  • Plan and execute protective measures for extremes of weather, especially freezing temperatures


Most importantly, we can also provide your water garden fountain or pond regular maintenance schedule and cater to repair needs whenever they come up. The longevity and quality of a water fountain or pond feature in property go beyond the installation process. We’ll help you look after the periodic tending of your fountain so that you make the most out of your investment.

Ready to spruce up your outdoors in Southern California with the perfect fountain? Schedule a consultation with us today!

We design different ponds and fountains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fountains often symbolize life, abundance, and rejuvenation, as they represent the flow of water, which is a vital element for all living things. In many cultures, fountains are also seen as symbols of wealth, prosperity, and artistic creativity. They can create a sense of tranquility and relaxation in outdoor and indoor spaces.

A decorative fountain is a water feature designed primarily for aesthetic purposes, rather than functional ones. These fountains come in various styles, sizes, and materials, and can be found in gardens, parks, public spaces, and indoors. Decorative fountains often feature intricate designs, sculptures, or other artistic elements that add visual interest and enhance the overall ambiance of their surroundings.

The best material for a water fountain depends on your preferences, budget, and desired aesthetic. Common materials include natural stone, concrete, fiberglass, resin, and metal. Each material has its pros and cons; for example, natural stone and concrete fountains are durable and long-lasting, but they can be heavy and expensive when needing repairs, while fiberglass and resin fountains are lightweight and more affordable but may not be as durable.

The depth of a fountain depends on its size, design, and intended use. Generally, a fountain should be deep enough to submerge its pump, usually around 6-12 inches. However, larger fountains or those intended for fish or plants may require deeper basins. It’s essential to consult with a professional fountain designer to ensure your fountain meets your specific needs and requirements.

There is no standard height for fountains, as their dimensions vary greatly depending on their design, style, and purpose. Some fountains are low and sprawling, while others can reach heights of several feet or more. When planning a fountain installation, it’s important to consider the surrounding environment, scale, and desired visual impact.

Fountains typically use a recirculating system, meaning the same water is continuously pumped and reused. As a result, they do not consume large amounts of water. However, some water loss can occur due to evaporation and splashing, which may require occasional refilling. Proper fountain maintenance and choosing an appropriate pump can help minimize water usage and keep your fountain running efficiently.

While it is possible to create a gravity-fed fountain that doesn’t require a pump, these designs are typically less common and may have limitations in terms of water flow and height. It is also generally easy to maintain a fountain pump, given most fountains rely on it to circulate water and create the desired visual and auditory effects.