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Parts and Repairs

Orange County Pond Fountain Service stocks an inventory of critical parts, building materials, and accessories that you need for the construction, maintenance, and repair of your pond and its inhabitants. We only provide services of the very highest quality of designing and installing: this means that your components last longer and work better for you, and your plants and animals are healthier and happier. Our building materials and labor are covered by a one-year warranty.




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Pumps and Equipment

We install only the strongest and longest-lasting fountain and pond pumps and other mechanical equipment available in the market to keep your fountain or pond running perfectly.

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Liners and Accessories

If you are a Do-It-Yourself homeowner, we can supply you with all the gear and accessories you need for your fountain, pond, and water garden maintenance construction.

A vibrant array of pond plants and small aquatic animals, illustrating the service related to enhancing pond ecosystems with flora and fauna.

Flora and Fauna

No pond or fountain is complete without an excellent selection of plants and animals. If you need Koi fish or plants for your water garden, we can help.

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Mobile Service

We will come to you! Call for fountain and ponds repair Orange County today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pond maintenance is crucial to maintaining the overall health and beauty of your pond. Regular maintenance ensures that your pond remains free of unwanted plants, weeds, leaves, excess sludge, and debris, which can disrupt the delicate aquatic ecosystem and lead to fish kills. By keeping your pond clean and well-maintained, you’ll create a thriving environment for your fish, plants, and other aquatic life while preserving the aesthetic appeal of your water feature.

The cost of pond maintenance can vary depending on factors such as the type of your pond, size, the complexity of its design, the types of plants and fish you have, and your location. It’s essential to discuss your pond’s specific needs with a professional pond maintenance company like to get an accurate quote for the services you require. Keep in mind that investing in regular maintenance can save you money in the long run by preventing more significant issues that can arise from neglect.

Proper Koi Pond Care is crucial to keeping your Koi fishes alive. Repairing holes in an old koi pond typically involves draining the pond, locating the hole(s), and patching them with appropriate materials. A professional pond repair service like can help you with this process, ensuring that the repair is done correctly and safely. They will assess the pond’s liner, identify the damaged area(s), clean and prepare the surfaces, and apply the appropriate patching material. Once the repair is complete, the pond can be refilled and returned to its normal function.

Finding a leak in a koi pond can be challenging but is essential for maintaining the pond’s health and preventing further damage. Some common methods to locate leaks include:

  • Monitoring water levels: Keep a close eye on your pond’s water level to detect any unusual drops that could indicate a leak.
  • Checking the pond liner: Inspect the pond liner for any visible signs of damage, such as holes, tears, or punctures.
  • Performing a dye test: Add a non-toxic pond dye to the water, and observe if the dye is drawn towards a particular area, indicating a leak.

If you’re unable to locate the leak yourself, consider hiring a professional pond repair service like to identify and fix the issue. offers a comprehensive range of services for your pond and fountain needs. These services include pond design and installation, pond maintenance, repair, and parts supply. They cater to various types of ponds, including koi ponds, backyard ponds, and garden ponds, as well as different fountain styles, such as garden water fountains, backyard fountains, and wall fountains. Their expert team ensures that your water features remain beautiful, functional, and healthy for both your plants and aquatic life.