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Pond & Fountain Repair

Orange County Pond Repair – Helping you Maintain Your Pond

You have a pond that is the highlight of your garden. You love the pond and you want it to work its very best. Have you thought of looking into a pond repair service to make sure that your pond is functioning the best it possibly can? There is a place that specializes in the maintenance of both your pond and your fountain and it is called Orange County Pond Fountain Service. Here is more information on what Orange County pond repair can do for your pond.

Help maintain your pond: The last thing you want is for your pond to have a problem. Your yard can become flooded if your pond is broken, and the koi fish you have in it may also die if the pond is not functioning correctly. It is for your utmost benefit to make sure your pond is not leaking, and Orange County pond repair can take care of the pond for you.

Tips on maintaining your pond: You need a professional company like Orange County pond repair to make sure to feed the fish in your pond the proper amount of food and at the proper time. Another way to maintain your pond is to get a pump. A pump will help keep your pond nice and clean.

Do not use chlorine: Orange county pond repair will advise you about the use of chlorine. While you do need to keep algae out of your pond, there are both good and bad reasons to consider something other than chlorine. Chlorine can kill you fish, and it can also keep algae from forming in your pond. Another downside is that it can also destroy your pump. Another thing to consider is that any plant life you have close to your pond might die if they are accidentally splashed with the chlorinated water.

You need a good filter: A pump is good, but a filter is equally important. A professional from Orange County pond repair is going to recommend you get a filter to help maintain your pond.

You may need to consider shade: You may need to consider a tree close to where your pond is, and an Orange County pond repair person would agree that you need to have your pond at least fifty percent shaded. The shade will protect both your fish and keep the algae from forming in the water.

Orange County pond repair has everything in stock to maintain your pond. Whether it is a part or an accessory, Orange County pond and fountain repair will have it for you to get your pond and fountain working again, and there is a warranty that will come with all parts. Orange County pond repair really is your one stop for everything you need concerning your pond or fountain.

Here are types of ponds that we currently service:

We also do fountain repairs and maintainance, please visit ourfountain repair page

Calling someone you can trust to maintain your pond or your fountain: For your outdoor water feature repair needs, you can count on Orange County Pond Fountain Service. Call 949-653-2305 today. Orange County pond repair will do everything that they can to take care of your pond or fountain.

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Frequently Asked Questions

OCPond and Fountain Care offers comprehensive services to maintain your pond in top-notch condition. These include feeding your fish with the correct amount of food and at the right times, installing and maintaining pumps and filters for cleanliness and water circulation, advising on appropriate water treatments that won’t harm your fish or pump, and providing tips on positioning your pond for the right amount of shade.

While chlorine can prevent algae growth, it also has some significant downsides. Chlorine can be harmful or even fatal to fish and other aquatic life in your pond. It can also damage your pond’s pump and negatively impact any nearby plant life that comes into contact with chlorinated water. OCPond and Fountain Care can provide safer alternatives for maintaining a clean, algae-free pond.

A pump and a filter are crucial elements in maintaining the health and cleanliness of your pond. The pump circulates water, which helps to keep the pond oxygenated for fish and other aquatic life. A filter helps to remove debris and impurities from the water, maintaining its clarity and preventing the buildup of harmful substances. Regular maintenance of these systems is important, and Orange County Pond and Fountain Care can assist with this.

Having your pond partially shaded can be beneficial for both the aquatic life in the pond and the prevention of algae growth. Direct sunlight can cause excessive algae growth and raise water temperatures, which can stress fish and other aquatic life. OCPond and Fountain Care recommends having your pond at least fifty percent shaded for optimal health.

Orange County Pond and Fountain Care services a variety of ponds including Koi Ponds, Backyard Ponds, and Garden Ponds. They also offer repair and maintenance services for fountains. For more information, please visit our contact us page.