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Wow Your Guests With These Wall Fountain Ideas

wow your guests with these wall fountain ideas Wow Your Guests With These Wall Fountain Ideas
wow your guests with these wall fountain ideas

It’s been long established that green growing plants combined with pleasing craftsmanship are likely to inspire the imagination. Water is a symbol of prosperity and health, and the presence of nature is a calming influence on anyone with a healthy perspective on the great outdoors.

To recreate such environments with water fountain services is to bring the power of prosperity and peace into your own home or business, and to utilize their power to impress your customers, guests, and family.  Water in motion is particularly effective, as it demonstrates a mastery over the elements. All of these influences are subtle and work on the subconscious mind, but they are as effective as a brass band when it comes to getting attention and gently keeping it.  

The Water Wall

Light in motion catches the eye. This principle, combined with the prosperity and mastery of controlling water gives this concept its unique appeal. A water wall is simply a fountain with a wide horizontal opening that causes the water to form a curtain of sorts as it pours over the edge. It’s a simple design, requiring a few water fountain repairs.

A good additional touch is to place the water wall fountain and pool on a wooden surface. Wood floors have the same effect as greenery. It is a way to maintain a connection to nature.  


The light-in-motion principle can be taken to the next level with modern electronics. The light-emitting diode or LED is a magnificent tool if you are attempting to accent your outdoor decor with skillfully placed color, brightness, or shadow.

Consider the water wall described above. What would it look like if you placed a waterproof directional LED in the pool and aimed it at the fountain opening? From a distance, it could give the water a subtle tint of green or blue.

Now suppose that LEDs were programmed to change color occasionally and gradually. Green could become blue, which could then become orange. If there were rocks in the pool, the light could be dappled or mottled and give the water texture in addition to the hue. The results are as stunning as they sound.

Brick and Tile

Speaking of texture and hue, if you’re going to build a wall, why not do it with pleasing patterns and colors? The great civilizations of history knew a thing or two about tile and brick. For example, they knew how to turn a flat surface into an expression of strength and purpose, and in the process gave the world a cultural touchstone that has survived for anywhere from hundreds to thousands of years.

Add tile or brick to your wall and accent it with the right colors, and you can turn a simple fountain and pool into the centerpiece of an event that will remain pleasing day after day.

Always remember decorations that make skillful use of water, nature, light, and texture are expressions of mastery and peaceful imagery that are as timeless as water itself. Use them properly, and they can be the centerpiece of your little cultural achievement.