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How to Create a Zen-Like Vibes in Your Backyard

wow your guests with these wall fountain ideas How to Create a Zen-Like Vibes in Your Backyard
wow your guests with these wall fountain ideas

Peace and prosperity are not just principles or states of mind. They are emotions too. If a decorator wants to elicit feelings of harmony with nothing but color, which would they choose? Practical experience says green because green calms people down. The color green is reminiscent of nature, where many people feel at home. This is also the reason houseplants, gardens, yards, and vacations to Yellowstone are so popular.

But green isn’t the only way to bring serenity to your world.


The magic of the aquarium has been lost in recent times. There is nothing more impressive than a well-maintained show tank of tropical fish. The same principle is at work if you can show off a pond populated by Koi and maintained by an expert koi pond service. Contrary to many opinions, koi are not goldfish, even though the two species have a similar appearance. Koi are carp bred for coloration that better resembles the colors of the goldfish.

Koi can recapture the magic of domesticated fish because they are quite hardy, will eat nearly anything and help provide a welcome contrast to the dull colors of the average open-air small pond. They swim rather lazily and rarely pick at each other, so they are also quite pleasing as pets.


The Zen quality many people imagine is a by-product of order. For the garage craftsman or the workbench maintainer, the principle is “a place for everything and everything in its place.” This kind of order combined with the cool colors of a well-maintained garden create a feeling of mastery, and with that comes peace and stress relief.

Portraying order in a backyard setting starts and stops with water. Whether it is a fountain or a pond, using water decoratively is intensely satisfying. Water that is populated with healthy fish like koi is a further demonstration of prosperity and growing things. It puts people at ease. Good koi pond maintenance is an important part of this goal.

The key to achieving this level of contentment is to assemble the pieces in the proper order and with the proper proportions. Too much water and you have a swamp. Too many plants and green growing things and you have a jungle. Too many koi and you have a food bill that will force you to sell your backyard to the nearest Japanese restaurant. It would be easy to make a joke about balance here, but you get the point.  


The shape and texture of things are fundamental to elicit feelings of peace and serenity. It is important to avoid the appearance of artificiality. Plants should look as if they grew naturally from underneath the stone. The pond should look as if it spontaneously gave life to the koi lazily drifting under the surface. These are the forms of nature people have come to expect, and they are more authentic when they look like they grew in place instead of being placed.

Zen emerges from life, order, and form in much the same way peace and prosperity are understood on a subconscious level. It is something that can only be perceived if it is apparent in the design and presentation of your natural oasis.