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Planning to Convert Your Old Pool Into A Koi Pond? Only Trust the Experts

planning to convert your old pool into a koi pond Planning to Convert Your Old Pool Into A Koi Pond? Only Trust the Experts

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Waterfalls and ponds are by far the most popular features in modern landscape design. The sounds of moving water in a serene environment is relaxing. Introducing living creatures takes this pleasurable and relaxing experience one step further. The most popular living addition to a home garden is the koi fish. Many people convert their old, unused pools into koi ponds. The challenge, of course, is knowing whether to try this project on your own or to hire a professional koi pond service. Here are some things to consider while dreaming of your perfect, future koi pond.

Why koi a koi pond?

You’ve probably noticed that doctors and dentists often have aquariums in their offices. This display of fish is thought to relieve stress and calm one’s nerves. Koi, unlike some other fish, respond to people. They will respond to footsteps and can be tame enough to eat out of your hand. Having a koi pond is more than having a mere landscape element; it has pets who live in your yard. Many people really get into collecting koi fish. Once you spend time around them, it’s easy to see why.

On the flip side, koi ponds to require a real commitment. Regular koi pond maintenance and filtration equipment are needed to keep everything working well. If properly cared for, koi can live up to 60 years. While some of the regular maintenance tasks are easy enough to do yourself, other jobs are best left to professionals. For example, koi pond fountain installation and water fountain repairs can be tricky. If done incorrectly, some issues could put your fish at risk.

Why would I convert my pool?

Pools can be an excellent addition. If you enjoy your pool regularly, you probably aren’t even considering converting it into anything else. After some time, pools can end up being a bigger headache than their worth. For many people, finding time to enjoy a pool is challenging. For others, the cost of upkeep and maintenance seems wasted. Unused pools can even become a breeding ground for mosquitos or other insects. If you have a pool that has become a burden, it might be time to consider making a change. 

One of the significant benefits of a koi pond is its impact on the environment. Many groups criticize swimming pools due to their construction costs, large amounts of wasted water, and the seemingly endless energy needed to maintain them. A koi pond, however, is a closed biological system. Koi feed off of the plants. Plants feed on the nutrients supplied by the fish. Pond algae regulate oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. Mollusks or zooplankton help keep the amount of algae in check. 

Of course, if you lead a busy life, one that makes having a pool obsolete, you might not want to take on a koi pond. Since the pond contains living organisms, there is some work required. If left unchecked, everything can fall into disrepair and end up worse off than an unused swimming pool. Luckily, you can hire a koi pond maintenance service to keep everything running smoothly. Making use of professionals allows you to enjoy the landscaping environment without being responsible for all of the work. 

Can’t I do it myself?

Many homeowners are in great physical shape, so they imagine they can handle any labor involved in converting a pool into a koi pond. Unfortunately, brute strength isn’t the most essential part. Some of the hardest parts include technical knowledge, construction skill, and design experience. The planning process is probably the most critical part. You might be able to picture a beautiful pond. Most people imagine tropical water lilies floating in their ponds. What they may not believe is how koi fish will often eat lilies and overturn their pots when looking for food. Using water lilies is undoubtedly an option, but they must be segregated from the area koi fish swim as they don’t mix well. 

Those who try to tackle this project on their own might believe some of the biggest misconceptions about koi ponds. For example, many kits and websites suggest adding as much filtration as you can fit. The idea that more filtration means a better pond isn’t accurate. It is possible to over-filter a pond.  

It is definitely possible to convert your unused pool into a koi pond without help. At the same time, working with a professional team means getting it done right the first time. Instead of spending time trying to figure out to make it work, you could use that time relaxing in your new landscaping addition. 

Go with the pros

Beware of general handymen or lawn guys who claim they can build a pond or convert your pool at a rock-bottom price. Your better to go with a qualified contractor who has the appropriate experience. Always check your company’s portfolio of past projects or talk with former clients, when possible. A true professional will offer a written warranty on their work and will cover the filter and pump of adequate size for the pond. 

The other benefit of going with a professional is that they can help design the pond not only to meet your taste but your lifestyle. If you have lots of free time and look forward to working in your yard, your design team can create something that meets that need. Alternatively, if you keep a busy schedule and need to limit the amount of work required, your team should be able to help. A proper installation team will also be able to help with regular maintenance through their own company. Even if you want to do the maintenance yourself, go with a company that offers the service. Chances are they will build a more maintenance-friendly pond. 

Above all, remember that adding a koi pond to your property is supposed to reduce stress. Trying to determine which equipment, plants, and other elements are right for your project isn’t easy. Don’t get caught adding more stress into your life when you can trust the professionals to get it right. Spend less time worrying about the details and more time enjoying your peaceful koi pond.