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Fountain Repair & Care Tips for Huntington Beach Residents

huntington beach fountain repair services Fountain Repair & Care Tips for Huntington Beach Residents

If you live or work in Huntington Beach and have a fountain in your home or office, it’s important that you’re aware of how the local climate and air quality can affect its care and repair needs, as well as its regular maintenance requirements.

Southern California’s hot and sunny climate can be perfect for ponds and fountains, but it also means that your fountain’s maintenance needs might not be the same as those of someone in another part of the country.

Below, we’ve listed four fountain care, repair and maintenance tactics for people located in and around the Huntington Beach area. If you own a fountain as part of your property and it needs fountain repair service, read on for a quick list of simple ways you can get more from your care and maintenance routine.

Clean your fountain regularly to make up for air quality issues

Southern California is infamous for its air quality issues — a problem that’s particularly obvious in the Los Angeles and Orange County area. The hot, stagnant weather in Southern California can cause problems for fountains and water features, making regular cleaning important.

If you run your fountain throughout the year, set aside time to clean it every few months using a scrubbing pad. Even a quick clean is normally enough to loosen up dirt and algae that can build up over time, particularly in warm weather.

Remember that the more frequently you clean your fountain, the less work it takes to clean it up each time. We recommend cleaning your fountain whenever you notice algae or dirt building up, or calling us to take care of it for you.

Pick up leaves, branches and other fall debris as early as possible

If you have koi and goldfish in your fountain, it’s important to keep their living environment clean throughout the year. In fall, dead leaves that drop into your fountain can add up and become an annoyance and health risk for your fountain’s residents.

During fall, check your fountain every few days and pick out leaves before they can accumulate and have an effect on the local ecosystem. Fish, turtles and other fountain residents will thank you for being attentive.

Check your fountain pump for algae buildup

The warm weather in Southern California means algae grows faster here than it does in cooler parts of the country. This makes it especially important that you check your fountain pump often and clean away algae growth.

There are several ways to clean a fountain pump. One way is to use cleaning solution. Another is to use vinegar to remove debris that’s built up inside the pump. Before you use any chemical solution to clean your pump, check that it’s safe to use and non-toxic for fish.

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Fix leaks quickly to avoid wasting water

Droughts and water shortages are a serious issue in Southern California, making it important to stay on top of your fountain’s condition to avoid having to use excess water. This means acting quickly to solve problems and fix leaks as soon as they develop.

Water is a precious resource, and it’s always best to conserve water instead of wasting it. If you notice a leak developing on your fountain, call our team right away to get it repaired so you don’t waste water over the long term by constantly compensating for a leak.