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Outdoor Water Ponds

Why Look at Orange County Water Pond Designs

When looking at Orange County water pond designs, the first thing that comes to mind is the beauty of these water features for residential gardens. This is understandable considering that, indeed, all of the koi fish pond designs are easy on the eyesfrom all angles. To say that Orange County water pond designs are now considered must-haves in any residential area is an apt statement.

Ponds and fountains are also widely considered as modern elements in any garden despite the perception of yesteryears that these features are too traditional to be included in modern homes. Times have changed and there are many reasons why.

First, the wide variety of Orange County water pond designs means that every homeowner will find the perfect design that will truly highlight the beauty of her yard, be it in the front or in the back. Designers have many inspirations to choose from – Asian, as is the case with many koi fish pond designs; English gardens; and even European castle moats are becoming popular inspirations for Orange County water pond designs.

Second, ponds are more environmentally-friendly than lawns and other garden features. Ponds can be re-filled with rainwater while lawns require piped water; ponds have a self-sustaining hydration cycle; and ponds require little to no use of carbon monoxide-emitting equipment as well as fertilizers and pesticides, for example. Indeed, you will find many Orange County water feature designs that will satisfy the discriminating tastes of an avowed environmentalist.

Third, ponds attract a wide variety of wildlife from frogs to birds, dragonflies and butterflies. The result: A veritable haven for beautiful wildlife that adds an authentic touch to your garden. In fact, you will find several Orange County water pond designs and koi fish pond designs that will attract specific types of wildlife to your garden.

For example, many Orange County water pond designs involve planting flowers that attract hummingbirds around the ponds. Or it may be plants that ward off mosquitoes away from the area so that you can enjoy your koi pond at night.

Your choices in Orange County water pond designs include backyard ponds, koi ponds and garden ponds. There are subtle differences between these three types of ponds but all have one thing in common – a beautiful addition to your landscape that can be your source of happiness especially after a long, tiring day at work.

Here are types of ponds that we currently design:

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