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How Can I Make My Koi Pond Hold Water

koi fish ponds How Can I Make My Koi Pond Hold Water


Hakoi fish pondsve you recently constructed a small koi pond in your garden, but the water keeps dropping? Observing your backyard pond lose water while unsure where to begin or how to remedy it can be frustrating.

While koi fish can swim in a shallow water garden, they need deeper water to thrive during the hot summer days.

Water loss cannot always be prevented even if your water gardens and pond’s ecosystem are maintained properly. With these tips and recommendations, keep your backyard oasis and your water features in good condition and create a thriving pond for your koi fish.

What Causes Your Backyard Koi Ponds to Not Hold Water

Several factors can contribute to your backyard koi pond losing water. The following are a few examples:

  • A leak in the koi pond liner
  • Evaporation of pond water
  • Too many aquatic plants affect the filtration system
  • Water splashing and spraying out of a pond due to koi fish
  • The bank of the koi pond is low and narrow

5 Tips to Hold Water in Koi Ponds

Preventing water loss can be difficult if you don’t know where to begin. You can increase the chance of your koi pond holding water by keeping the following tips and tricks in mind.

1. Ensure that pumps, filters, and plumbing are in good working order

Your koi pond will hold more water if you maintain it regularly and repair any broken fixtures. You should routinely inspect the plumbing system, pumps, and filters of your koi fish ponds to see if there are any leaks. Additionally, you must confirm that they are working properly. 

2. Evaporation should be reduced

Science demonstrates that to reduce evaporation, you must reduce the amount of surface area exposed to the sun, the temperature of the water, and the wind speed. Giving the pond area the right amount of shading can reduce evaporation. Since this is an organic, cyclical process, rainfall makes up for evaporation-related water loss in your water garden.

3. Ensure pond plants are maintained or removed if necessary

You need to know which plants in your koi ponds require more water than others. This category includes plants like water hyacinths, water lilies, water iris, and water hawthorn that bloom in the summer and typically extract excessive water. Eliminating these plants could be a remedy for this.

4. Direct the rocks properly to prevent splashes and sprays

Splashes and sprays can significantly increase the water loss from the pond. You must keep a close eye on this to see if this is causing the water loss. If it does, make an effort to arrange the rocks in your pond’s waterfall stream properly. This will lessen the water splashing and spraying when it hits your backyard pond’s rocks.

5. Widen the bank and place them properly

For a backyard pond to hold its water, proper edging is crucial. Avoid placing tiny stone fragments straight on the edge because they frequently slip away. Paving slabs, turf, and fixing lower margins can also be used to edge the pond effectively.

Professional Pond Repair Service for Regular Maintenance Needs

When you don’t have the time or resources to make sure your water fountain is cleaned, maintained, and repaired, hiring a professional offers many benefits.

Count on us to handle your koi pond repair and regular cleaning needs efficiently and effectively.

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