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Repair Kits for Preformed Molded Ponds: Doing it Yourself

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use Repair Kits for Preformed Molded Ponds Repair Kits for Preformed Molded Ponds: Doing it Yourself

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use Repair Kits for Preformed Molded PondsSpecifically, preformed molded ponds utilize butyl rubber liners or plastic liners to establish the shape of a garden pond or even koi ponds. These kinds of garden ponds are typically installed in-ground or above ground and surrounded by concrete, which could deteriorate and crack with time.

Over time, cracks or other damage to the pond liner can cause a decrease in the level of the pond water aside from water evaporation. Don’t worry, you can purchase a pond repair kit for your leaking pond liner.

The following are steps to fix preformed pond problems in your yard using DIY kits.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Fix Your Preformed Molded Ponds Using Repair Kits

In order to fix a leaking pond liner, you should first make sure it’s the liner and not something else that’s causing the leak. Following the identification of the leak’s cause, it’s time to decide how to fix it.

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to fix molded pond problems using repair kits:

Remove Fishes, Pond Plants, and Drain Your Pond

When you empty your garden pond, fill the holding tank, buckets, or other containers with pond water and remove the pond’s fish, plants, and rocks. This way, they won’t be affected by the falling water level when you drain the pond.

Locate the Leak and Clean the Pond’s Surface

After locating the leak, you may mark the leak’s location in the liner with a grease pencil or other marking tool.

Leaks in preformed liners are often noticeable cracks or tears, but they are hard to locate in shallow ponds. Search for wet spots around the area to find where the leak is.

Apply an Adhesive Compound

If you are using a patch kit that includes an adhesive compound, apply a thin layer around the leak—it is typically epoxy or another adhesive and needs to be set up slightly before the patch can be applied.

This step can be skipped if your patch kit does not contain an adhesive compound.

Use the Patch to Cover the Leak

The patch should be removed from its paper backing if it has one. Cover the leak with the patch, but be sure to avoid air bubbles or wrinkles in it that could further allow water to leak and let the adhesive set fully.

Depending on the bond, this could take up to a few hours or even a day.

Dry Your Pond and Do a Leak Test

When the pond is dry, refill the pond using your garden hose. Check the water level from time to time to see if leaks are still there. The best way to determine if your pond is leaking is to fill it up with water and then check if a leak is still present or if there are wet patches around the pond.

Refill Your Pond with the Fishes, Plants, and Water

Add fish, aquatic plants, or stones you removed earlier back in the pond, and add the water where they were placed to the repaired pond to help the fish adjust. Do not forget your pump and filtration system to protect your backyard pond from dirt and debris, and can prevent algae growth.

Hire Professional Pond Repair Service for Your Needs

When a garden pond liner is damaged or has small holes, you can fix them yourself, but if the hole is large or there is a great deal of damage, you should let professionals replace it with a new liner.

Our team of pond experts at OC Pond Service will help you with any pond liner leaks and garden repairs. We can even recommend a high-quality pond liner for a long-lasting garden pond. We also install a high-quality backyard pond or beautiful water features that create a serene outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy.

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