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7 Best Water Garden & Outdoor Pond Accessories

7 Best Water Garden & Outdoor Pond Accessories 7 Best Water Garden & Outdoor Pond Accessories

7 Best Water Garden & Outdoor Pond Accessories

Building your outdoor water pond is only the first step to living the water feature lifestyle. You’ll also need to fill it up with accessories to stand out. From aquatic plants to spitters, here are seven great ideas to accessorize your water garden!

Add A Walkway

Adding stepping stones to your outdoor water pond enables a more immersive experience. Instead of just watching the water from the sides, you can walk over it and see it at different angles. Plus, it encourages everyone to explore your garden.

Illuminate Its Surroundings

Make the most of your garden pond with lighting! Accessories like lanterns, festoons, and spotlights will dance across the water, letting you admire it even at night. Solar-powered LED fountains also light up with a kaleidoscope of colors.

Install A Waterfall

Adding a waterfall to garden ponds is an easy way to oxygenate the water. At the same time, it brings a constant and calming sound of cascading water. If you already have a waterfall, try adding a second smaller one, which can result in a more visually interesting pond. Using rocks, you can also enhance that first waterfall by tweaking the sounds that it makes. 

Set Up A Fountain

Like waterfalls, fountains improve the aeration and beauty of your water garden. That’s why, if you’re not into the idea of adding a second waterfall, you can get a fountain instead. The best places to add it are along the side or in the middle, where it can serve as a centerpiece.

Get A Spitter

Your third option for pond aeration is spitters. As the name suggests, they produce a steady stream of water for the pond. These playful water features can be added anywhere you like, though they’re typically found at the center. Don’t be afraid to be creative, though, and place them where they’re least expected.

Add Fish

Taking care of fish is an excellent way to bring your water garden to life. It can also alleviate stress while you relax by the pond, feeding them and watching them swim. If you already have fish, you should consider adding one from a different species to expand the ecosystem. You should be able to get some easily from your local pet store.

Place Aquatic Plants

Water lily pads are a safe choice for water plants. They can provide shade, improve the water quality by controlling algae growth, and serve as a haven for your fish from predators; their vibrant color is just a bonus. There is an almost infinite selection of water lilies available online or at garden centers and pond shops, including hardy and tropical species.

Get The Garden Pond Or Water Garden Of Your Dreams Today

You can easily install pond accessories like floating plants and lights by yourself, but some can be too technical. If you plan on spicing up your water garden with a waterfall or fountain, you’ll need professional services from OC Pond Service! Learn about our landscape services and more when you call 949-653-2305 today.