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Water Feature Still Running Out of Water? 3 More Causes and Fixes You Should Know About

How Do I Keep My Outdoor Fountain Algae Free? 4 Things You Need to Know to Maintain Water Health Water Feature Still Running Out of Water? 3 More Causes and Fixes You Should Know About

How Do I Keep My Outdoor Fountain Algae Free? 4 Things You Need to Know to Maintain Water HealthDo you find the need to constantly add water to your newly installed garden water fountains? We’ve identified three common causes of water running out in your water feature.

Read further to learn about how you can work around them!

Leak or Cracks

The most common culprit for water running out is leaks or cracks. Though not always the case, it’s best to first check for leaks and cracks to eliminate the possibility. When checking for leaks and cracks, turn your fountain off for 24 hours. If the water level goes down by more than an inch, you likely have a leak on your hands.

You can also observe the areas surrounding your water feature. Wet areas in the perimeter of your fountains are an indication that there’s a leak or crack. If you’re positive there’s a leak or crack, leave your fountain off for at least a week. This allows your water fixture to dry, making cracks on surfaces more visible.

Once you’ve identified the crack where water is leaking from, a quick fix is to patch the hole up with a waterproof sealant. The sealant fills in the crack, making it airtight. Spot treating a crack this way is often enough to solve the problem.

However, if the crack is deep, a sealant will not be enough. Instead, call a reputable water fountain repair service immediately, especially if it’s still covered by the warranty. A deep crack may be due to the company’s negligence, so you can get it replaced or repaired for free. 

But if the fountain is no longer covered by warranty, call a plumber who can help patch up the deep crack.


If your fountain is free of leaks, but still runs out of water, it may be overspraying. This can happen when the water is shooting too far, leaving the pond that catches the water. Another way it can happen is when water shoots up too high that when it hits the pond, there’s much splashing, resulting in water escaping the pond. 

If your fountain is overspraying, you should adjust the water spray. Most fountains let you modify the height and distance of the water spray, and making these minor changes can save you from losing water.


As fountains are often placed outdoors, they are subject to wind, sunlight, and plants. The wind can carry the water away from the fountain, resulting in water loss. Meanwhile, sunlight can cause water to evaporate. As for plants, they are attracted to water, and plant growth near or around your fountain can have them take water away from your fountain.

If wind and sun are the concern, short of relocating your fountain, there is little you can do besides more frequently adding water. You can try putting an umbrella or shade nearby to break the wind or shade the fountain from the most severe rays of the sun, but you can still expect significant water loss. 

As for plants, the easiest fix is to remove them or place them elsewhere.

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