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Easy Tips On How to Repair Your Cracked Garden Fountain

Easy Tips On How to Repair Your Cracked Garden Fountain Easy Tips On How to Repair Your Cracked Garden Fountain

Easy Tips On How to Repair Your Cracked Garden FountainCement and resin fountains are known for their durability, but they are still prone to cracking and crumbling, and you’ll need a reliable fountain repair in Orange County.

Here are some tips to help execute your water fountain repair project, so you don’t have to spend on tearing down and rebuilding.

Check and Fix Leaks

A leak in your water fountain is a problem. It wastes water and, eventually, demands the replacement of the entire structure. Try to find the leak. Allow the water to sit for a week if you can. Any cracks will appear on the base as a white spot.

Stone and resin fountain can be repaired with clear silicone—similar to that used to repair glass cracks.

Repair Pieces that Break Off

Use epoxy to fix pieces of your water fountain. Mix it and use it to stick back the broken chips. Leave them on for a few minutes to let them dry.

Patch Chips in Cement Fountains

If your cement water fountain chips, you can repair it with a mixture of quick-drying concrete. Mix it based on the manufacturer’s instructions, then trowel it on and let it dry.

Paint it to match the color or texture of your fountain if they don’t match.

Fix Cracks in Resin Water Fountains

If your water fountain is made of resin, you can fix cracks using a mixture of resin and fiberglass cloth.  Empty your fountain, dry the sections with issues, then apply the resin and fiberglass mixture to the crack.

Smoothen it out, and let it dry before refilling the fountain with water.

Renew Old Waterproof Sealant

Some stone water fountains are treated with waterproofing, which can wear off over time because of cracks. What you can do is simply apply a layer.

You can buy one at a hardware store. Follow the instructions on the packaging, and let it dry. Be sure to patch all cracks first before applying water sealant.

Avoid these Common Mistakes on Garden Fountain Repair

  • Not knowing the dimensions of your fountain or the damages – when this happens, the cement or resin mixture or patch may end up being too small or too big for the area.
  • Not smoothing out the concrete after laying it – not only will it not look good when it dries, but it may not also completely seal the crack.
  • Not reading the sealant packets or measuring the ingredients of the resin or concrete mixture – will cost you time and money. You may end up redoing the fix if it does not set well when it dries.

Make sure you measure the ingredients, apply the mixture properly, and allow the patch to dry. Do not hasten to refill the fountain with water. Otherwise, water will keep seeping through the cracks.

Hire Fountain Repair Experts

The idea of doing water fountain repair yourself may be enticing. But if you have no background in water feature repairs, you may experience a bit of downtime. Plus, most cases need a cement mixer and special tools.

If you’re faced with a one-off situation, buying these materials may cost you more than when you hire a garden fountain repair service to do the job.

If you’re looking around for pros in fountain restoration in Orange County, we can give you a free quote. Contact us at Orange County Pond and Fountain Services today!