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Why is My Water Fountain Pump Not Working?

fountain and ponds repair in Orange County Why is My Water Fountain Pump Not Working?

fountain and ponds repair in Orange CountyHiring a trusted fountain and ponds repair in Orange County is essential to ensuring that your garden’s water features are running smoothly. This prevents you from ending up with a hefty repair bill—and ruining its aesthetics and causing water damage.

However, there are also ways to check why your water pump is not working, and we’ll discuss them below.

In recent years, pond pumps have become extremely reliable and energy-efficient, and they are becoming more so with each passing year. However, mechanical devices are not immune to malfunction. The majority of pond pump problems can be solved by checking a few things that can prevent them from failing.

Fixing Your Fountain Pump Problems

It takes only minutes to repair 80% of pump problems, preventing any further inconvenience. Pond owners can take a few precautions to help determine if it is malfunctioning before calling a technician or returning it to the retailer.

Here are ways to determine why your water fountain pump is not working.

Check for Water Flow

Without access to water, your pump won’t be able to push it. Start by checking for any obstructions that might prevent water from reaching the pump, including rocks, debris, leaves, clogged skimmer nets, and openings. 

Keeping water away from the pump intake is possible if all these things are taken into account. It could also be that your pond doesn’t have enough water to push through the skimmer box due to low water levels.

Clean Out Clogged Debris

Inspect the pump intake to ensure that debris is not restricting the impeller. Unplug the pump and remove it from the pond.

Make sure there are no obstructions around the impeller, such as rocks, sticks, or other debris. Place the pump on its side and plug it into the pump while it is still outside of the pond so you can see if the impeller spins. An impeller that doesn’t spin can be kicked-started with a screwdriver.

Check the Impeller for Damage

Impellers must be replaced if they are damaged beyond repair. Reattach the impeller if it has become detached. Look inside the pump for the rubber stop that could be loose if the impeller becomes detached when the rubber stop is missing at the end of the tube that runs through the middle.

Fortunately, you don’t have to purchase a completely new pump if an aspect of your pump is damaged. 

Check if the the Pump is Air-Locked

Whenever there is an air bubble inside the volute, the main internal space of the pump, an airlock, will occur. There will be an air bubble in the impeller that will prevent it from moving water. It is pretty easy to solve this problem. Just tilt the pump underwater so that the air intake faces upward, allowing the air bubble to escape.

Hire Professional Fountain and Ponds Repair in Orange County

Our fountain pump experts will solve all your problems at OC Pond & Fountain Services. We are a trusted fountain and ponds repair in Orange County with years of experience.

Our team will assist you in regaining control of your system as soon as possible. Our expert advice, easy installation, and maintenance, along with suggestions for improvement, will put your mind at ease.

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