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Fountain or Waterfall: What is the Best Outdoor Feature?

garden fountain Fountain or Waterfall: What is the Best Outdoor Feature?

garden fountainDo you want your backyard to stand out? Why don’t you try adding an outdoor feature like a garden fountain or waterfall?  You will be surprised at the difference a simple water feature can make.

You can add a small pool and you can enhance it with plants and flowers. You can bring yourself closer to nature because the water features will attract animals. Your water feature can also be surrounded by stones, art, and even sculpture to accentuate the yard.

What is a Water Fountain?

Of all the water features that you can add to your yard, the most dynamic of all is a water fountain. It’s a creative way of decorating your property and it has always been a popular choice. Examples of public architecture in the past include great fountains and you must have seen one in a public space before.

A water fountain is a water feature that has flowing water. The water can be shot in a stream or just flow freely. Originally, fountains were used to deliver drinking water to the population of a city, but now they are used mainly as decoration. Modern fountains can be made of stone or concrete and they can be placed outside of a house or a building.

What is a Garden Waterfall?

Another water feature that you can add to your lawn is the garden waterfall. You might not see this type of feature in an urban design, but it is perfect for attracting birds and other animals. 

As the name suggests, a garden waterfall is a miniature waterfall that can be located on the property to accentuate its appearance. It can give the yard a more outdoor appearance. To keep the waterfall running, it has to be equipped with a pump.

Water Fountain Vs. Waterfall – What Should I Choose?

So, which should you choose, a waterfall or a water fountain? 

That depends because those two serve different purposes. A waterfall is appropriate for a design that is more natural. If you want something that can blend in with nature, then a waterfall is a good choice.

This doesn’t mean that waterfalls won’t work with more modern designs. You can add led lights to it that can make it show up in the dark or you can add an installation to it that would make it more modern.

A water fountain, on the other hand, can be a great addition if you want something more updated. It can be added to your patio and you can even add a led light system to it.  You can use a solar panel to power its pump even.

Choose the Best Piece of Outdoor Feature for Your Backyard with OC Pond Fountain Service

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