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Why Does My Water Feature Keep Running Out of Water? 3 Causes and Fixes You Should Know About

fountain repair Orange County Why Does My Water Feature Keep Running Out of Water? 3 Causes and Fixes You Should Know About

fountain repair Orange CountyDecreasing pond water levels is a common issue that many water feature owners face, and it can be quite concerning—which leads them to look for fountain repair near me online. There are several possible explanations for why your water feature continuously runs out of water, and while prolonged drought can reduce water availability, it is only one of several factors to consider.

It’s not uncommon for water features to lose their water retention. In this article, we’ll look at a few of the reasons why your water feature is losing its water, as well as some potential solutions that water fountain repair can use to assist you. If you’re ready to learn more, continue reading below.

3 Causes for Water Feature Water Loss

Here are some of the most common reasons why your water feature could be losing water that you should be aware of to avoid problems or excessive maintenance in the future:

Leaks and Cracks

When you first determine that your fountain is losing water, you probably assumed it was due to cracks or leaks. Don’t worry, as there are numerous other causes of water loss, and not all cracks penetrate deep into the fountain’s foundation.

If you suspect your fountain has a crack, turn it off and leave it alone for twenty-four hours. If the water level has dropped more than an inch after a day, you have a leak.


While the whole point of a fountain is to watch the water gush out of a beautiful piece of stonework, it’s important to keep in mind that the fountain may be flinging the liquid out too far. Overspray occurs when a fountain sprays water beyond the reach of its pool.

Another type of overspray is when a fountain shoots water straight up, but when it hits the surface again, it creates a splash, which causes water to exit the fountain.

Water Flow Issues

Water fountains need water continuously pumping through them to elegantly spray water out. However, that means that there could be an issue with your water pump. Luckily, the solution is relatively simple.

If your fountain is leaking, but you can’t find the crack, check the pump and tube. They might be attached incorrectly, or they could be defective. If they’re all attached fine, there might be a hole in the tube with no water coming out of the seam edges.

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As you can see, all of the aforementioned factors can contribute to water loss in your water feature. While water loss isn’t catastrophic, as a water feature owner, it is something that will most likely occur to you at some point.

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