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How to Repair Outdoor Water Fountain Pumps the Professional Way?

How to Repair Outdoor Water Fountain Pumps the Professional Way? How to Repair Outdoor Water Fountain Pumps the Professional Way?

How to Repair Outdoor Water Fountain Pumps the Professional Way?Including an outdoor water fountain in your exterior space is an excellent way to create a relaxing environment. But, once you’ve installed your water fountain, how do you keep it in good condition without the help of Orange County fountain repair services?

Below, we will discuss how you can maintain and repair your outdoor water fountain like a professional and provide you with a few considerations you should be aware of in order to properly care for it in the future without calling a fountain repair company.

However, in a more complex repair, you’ll need the help of an experienced and trusted water fountain repair service, which you can search for online.

How to Professionally Repair Your Outdoor Water Fountain

Here are some quick and easy ways to fix your outdoor water fountain like a professional:

Get Rid of Grime

The surface of the fountain is eroded by dirt and debris. Once a month, drain gritty water and wipe down the interior with a soft cloth or sponge. 

Fight Buildup

When you refill the water supply, add a clarifier to prevent algae growth and a scale and stain remover, following the dosage instructions on the label. If you notice persistent algae or scale, double the average amount.

Don’t Let it Run Dry

If the water level is too low, your pump may overheat, so keep an eye on it, especially if you’ve had a string of hot, dry days.

Add Vinegar

Some people may be put off by the idea of putting vinegar in an indoor water fountain because they believe it will leave an unpleasant odor.

Although vinegar has a slightly pungent odor, it is antibacterial, antiviral, and antiseptic—and it kills germs on contact. Most importantly, it is all-natural and does not rely on the use of harsh chemicals.

Use Chlorine Only When Necessary

Water fountain pumps aren’t designed to work with concentrated levels of chlorine, but if an algae bloom persists, add a quarter of a cup of chlorine bleach for every five gallons of water and run the pump overnight to disinfect the entire system.

Regularly Clean the Pump

Even if you throw some vinegar into your indoor water feature on occasion, you should still get into the habit of cleaning the water pump regularly.

It’s not uncommon for a layer of grime to form on the pump after months or years of use, but thankfully, this is a simple problem to solve by cleaning the pump. Turn off the fountain and clean the pump and associated parts.

Contact Orange County Pond Services for Expert Fountain and Pond Repair

Maintaining your water features is a relatively simple process that does not necessitate a significant time investment. While it’s not uncommon to notice occasional maintenance issues.

It’s critical that you get into the habit of cleaning your water feature on a regular basis, preventing a trip to a water fountain repair near me, but if you find yourself in situations that need help from professionals, look no further than Orange County Pond and Fountain Services, Inc.

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