Orange County Pond Service

Experts in Designing, Installing & Maintenance of Outdoor Water Fountains and Koi Fish Ponds in Laguna-Woods

Experts in Designing, Installing & Maintenance of Outdoor Water Fountains and Koi Fish Ponds in Laguna-Woods

There are a variety of ways to decorate a pond or fountain. If your yard is small, you can always have a pond fountain, instead of trying to find a place for both. You can look for different fountain designs by stopping in at your nearest home and garden center or calling a pond/fountain service in your area. Orange County Pond Fountain Service offers pond fountain services in Laguna Woods CA and in other communities throughout Orange County and the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area.

If your home landscape needs some bright colors, add some plants and flowers around the pond. Find flowers that are in season, or those that bloom all year long. You can even place some aquatic plants in the pond to give it some depth and character. Just be sure that you keep the pond clean so that algae or other bacterium doesn’t grow. If cleaning the pond is too difficult for you, you can always call up companies that offer pond services for their advice and/or assistance.

Here are types of ponds that we are currently service:

We take care of different fountains like:

Those who enjoy sitting outside under the moonlight in the evening can place some solar lights around the pond too. Not only do solar lights make the pond sparkle, but they also provide enough light so someone wouldn’t accidentally fall inside as well. For dimension and added sparkle, place some lights around the walls of the pond or fountain. It will create a relaxing setting that can be enjoyed both in the evening and during the day.

Different size and colored rocks can make a pond or fountain unique too. Place large rocks around the area to create “stepping-stones,” or put groups of rocks together to give it an artistic feel. Add color to the pond by putting different shades of rocks around the pond or fountain too.

Ponds and fountains in a yard also make ideal settings for photographs. If you have family or friends that stop by, you can use the beautiful landscape for annual portraits. Set up seats or place a blanket on the ground for a more natural setting.

While having a pond and fountain can make your yard beautiful, maintenance is very important. If it doesn’t get cleaned properly, the pump can get clogged and the water can get dirty. Tools such as pool skimmers can be used to remove debris from your back yard pond to prevent this from happening. Larger cleaning jobs should be left for the professionals as well as Laguna Woods pond fountain repair. For all your water feature needs in Laguna Woods, CA you can count on Orange County Pond Fountain Service. Call 949-653-2305 to consult with our pond & fountain design specialists today.