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Water Garden Features by Laguna Beach Pond & Fountain Contractor: Creatively Designed & Sturdily Maintained

Water Garden Features by Laguna Beach Pond & Fountain Contractor: Creatively Designed & Sturdily Maintained

Laguna Beach Pond Fountain Services

In Laguna Beach, California, the sun is always shining and you are never too far away from the beach. Even if you can’t live exactly next-door to the ocean, you can still enjoy stunning views with your own pond or fountain decorations in the backyard. Having a pond or fountain in your yard is a great way to decorate your landscape, giving it character and a serene setting for guests to enjoy when they are visiting.

Ponds and fountains will look gorgeous no matter what type of home that you have. With the different types of structures that are available in Laguna Beach, there are a variety of designs that can match the style of your home. Ponds and fountains can be added to the center of either a front or backyard, depending on the size of your property.

Here are types of ponds that we are currently service:

We take care of different fountains like:

If your yard is not large enough for both a pond and a fountain, you can always place a fountain inside of a pond. There is nothing more beautiful or calming than streaming water. The most simple type of a pond fountain to place in your yard is one that is already-made. It is also affordable and more practical. A garden pump will need to be purchased too.

Once your pond is set up, you can decorate it by placing plants, rocks or lights. Plants and rocks can help conceal any wires or pipes that you don’t want to be seen. Landscape the pond with flowers that are currently in season, or plant perennials that will bloom every year. You can also put in plants that grow well in shallow water areas too. When you put in rocks that are different sizes or colors, it will add dimension to the pond.

Lights will make the pond sparkle too-especially in the evenings. You can buy solar lights that will enhance the beauty of the fountain. Floating lights can also be placed inside the pond for dramatic effects too.

After you have finished landscaping your yard with a pond fountain, don’t forget to add some seating nearby. Place some lawn furniture or a picnic table close to the pond, so that you can sit and enjoy your relaxing new setting. It will be a great conversation area for guests when you are entertaining.

If you would like to have professionals set up a pond fountain for you, you can contact Orange County Pond Fountain Service for all your water feature needs in Laguna Beach, California. Call 949-653-2305 to consult with our pond & fountain design specialists today. They will take care of your pond fountain services in Laguna Beach CA. Orange County Pond Fountain Service also offers Laguna Beach pond fountain repair.