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How Do I Keep My Outdoor Fountain Algae Free? 4 Things You Need to Know to Maintain Water Health

How Do I Keep My Outdoor Fountain Algae Free? 4 Things You Need to Know to Maintain Water Health How Do I Keep My Outdoor Fountain Algae Free? 4 Things You Need to Know to Maintain Water Health

How Do I Keep My Outdoor Fountain Algae Free? 4 Things You Need to Know to Maintain Water HealthFountains become a part of your landscaping. They add a functional and beautiful touch to your outdoor space design and no one wants them ruined by a filthy, ugly fountain plagued with algae. Therefore, a reliable water fountain repair service is what you’ll need to keep your aquascape pristine.

Algae is a common irritant for outdoor water fountains. In humid weather, sunlight is strong, and water is present chances are you will have them growing in your fountain basin.

A combination of overuse, improper maintenance, and old age may also trigger algae growth.

We’re here to let you know that things don’t get to be that way! Below we will share proven methods to keep algae out of your outdoor fountain, leaving your water blissfully algae-free.

Place Your Fountain in the Shade.

The right environment can prevent or deter many problems when it comes to using garden fountains. Placing your fountain in the shade does more than just protect it from harsh sunlight.

The reason for this is because when water is shaded by objects—usually other plants—it seems harder for algae to cling to the body of water. This is because there is no direct light source that is an active ingredient to an algae oasis, which penetrates through the other plant material or other water features holding the shade.

By placing it in the shade, you reduce the temperature of the water, which slows down or even halts algae growth.

Light Cleaning and Deep Cleaning

A clean waterfall fountain instantly makes your outdoor space look better. Nobody likes to see green stains on their ceramic or rock, so keep it clean with this simple cleaning routine. 

The fountain water clears up nicely when you clean the whole feature and filters on your fountain pump or filtration system regularly, but if algae have taken roo, use a bleach solution for this tougher algae to scrub. 

Once this is done, apply white vinegar directly on the areas with algae to remove them. 

Preventative Products.

Protect your fountain against algae growth by adding preventive products to your water.

These algae-prevention products are added to the water in fountains—effectively eliminating existing algae in the water, preventing future blooms, and helping keep the fountain clean.

They are designed to work with live plants and do not harm your pets but will kill any algae that may be in your water fountains.

Use Fresh Distilled Water to Prevent Algae.

The healthy waters of your water fountain are influenced by the water you use. Switching to distilled water will give you cleaner, clearer, healthier water.  Treat your water fountain with fresh distilled water to help maintain its beauty.

Debris, minerals, and other impurities found in tap water may feed algae growth. Distilled water is free of these impurities which can lead to an extra edge in preventing algae growth.

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