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Leading Water Feature Designer, Installer & Repair Contractor in Dana Point for Ponds & Fountains

Leading Water Feature Designer, Installer & Repair Contractor in Dana Point for Ponds & Fountains

Dana Point Pond Fountain Repair – Create and Maintain a Relaxing Retreat

Ponds and fountains are often part of the outdoor areas that are becoming an extension of the home. The beauty they provide as well as a tranquil and soothing spot to enjoy the plants and fish can create a relaxing retreat. Pond fountain services in Dana Point, CA offers a variety of ways to help you get the most from your outdoor retreat. More homes are being designed with koi ponds and fountains and they are being added to existing homes for a unique decorating idea.

Orange County homes often have backyards or gardens that are used for entertaining or as an outdoor living space. With an almost ideal year round climate, spending time outdoors is one of the benefits of living in this area of the country. Designs that reflect the personal preferences of homeowners can range from the truly unique to the traditional.


Ponds can add that special touch to numerous spaces – outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, and gardens and near pools – depending on what is desired. A wildlife pond can be planned that will attract all types of birds and animals. Adding plants will provide a natural habitat. Choose from an Asian garden or a walkway over a pond leading to a back entranceway. From water gardens to koi ponds, there are many different types that will be a nice addition to the outdoor area of the home.

Upgrading a pond on property recently purchased can also be accomplished by Pond services in Dana Point, CA. Checking for concrete and liner leaks and repairing them is vital to a functional pond that will provide years of enjoyment. Dana Point pond foundation repair provides a variety of services for ponds no matter what the design. From designing and building the ponds to educating people on the maintenance that is needed to keep them at their best, services for any need are offered.

Here are types of ponds that we are currently service:


Fountains are another specialty of Dana Point pond fountain repair. Rustic to modern looks can be incorporated into small or large spaces. Hand pumps that flow into cauldrons or old pots, bubbling stone fountains, poolside fountains and statues are some of the many types that are available. Garden fountains can be integrated into the landscape for a terrific look as well as the benefits of a relaxing atmosphere. Adding lights can allow the fountain to be enjoyed at night.

We take care of fountain services such as:

If fountains are near trees, they will need to be cleaned on a regular basis and the pumps will need cleaning as well. Fountain services in Dana Point, CA specialize in repairing all types of fountain pumps. Often the simplest problems can be resolved by repair rather than replacement. In addition, maintenance can prevent the problems from developing in the first place. Learning which pumps provide the best energy efficiency is another advantage that provides savings.

Water feature needs in Dana Point, CA do not have to be a problem when you contact the specialists – Orange County Pond Fountain Service. Call 949-653-2305 for all your pond and fountain needs from design to installation, repair and maintenance.