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Water Fountain Repair Tips for Residential and Commercial Locations

Outdoor water fountains Water Fountain Repair Tips for Residential and Commercial Locations

Outdoor water fountainsOutdoor water fountains are a beautiful and artistic addition to any yard landscape. As a result, you want them to remain in the best shape possible for many years to come. But what happens if your water fountain stops working? How are you going to repair it?

Fountain repair and maintenance are crucial factors for your water fountain. However, restoring your water fountain to its former glory when there are damages can be a time-consuming task.

Our team of experts from Orange County Pond Service is the best choice for fountain repair in Orange County! With the proper care and regular maintenance, you can ensure that your water feature continues to add life and beauty to your outdoor space. 

5 Tips for Repairing Your Water Fountain

Whether it is the visual display or the sound of rushing water, fountains are almost always a focal point of any landscape or garden. A well-built fountain is easy to maintain. In most cases, monthly maintenance can be reduced to cleaning and inspection by installing screens to protect fountain pump equipment and filtration to ensure good water quality.

Ensuring you repair any problem with your water fountain is vital to its longevity. Here are five fountain repair and maintenance tips to fix common issues and keep your water fountain in the best condition possible:

Repairing Leaks

A leak in your water fountain depletes water levels and may cause permanent damage. Check the fountain to see if you can spot the source of the leak. Any cracks will show on the base as a white area. If your fountain is made of stone or fiberglass, a solution is to repair it with clear silicone, similar to what is used to repair cracks in aquariums.

Repairing Broken Pieces

If pieces of your outdoor water fountain break off, you should be able to repair them with epoxy components. Simply mix the epoxy and apply it to each broken piece. Join them and hold them together for a few minutes, and allow them to dry once they have stayed together.

Repairing Cracks

If the basis of your outdoor water fountains is made of resin, you can easily repair a cracked or broken part. All you need to do is use a mixture of resin and fiberglass cloth from a boat supply store. Apply it over the crack, smooth it out, and allow it to dry completely before reintroducing water to the wall fountain.

Re-Sealing Water Fountain Sealant

Some outdoor water fountains are waterproofed with a special sealant. This can wear as a result of normal weather elements, sunlight, climate, build-up of sediment material and mineral deposits, and simply getting older. Reapplying new sealant is as easy as buying it at a hardware store and spraying it on, then simply allowing it to dry, and it will be as good as new.

Ensuring Proper Water Level

The importance of maintaining proper levels in a water fountain is frequently overlooked. To maintain the proper water levels, most backyard fountains use an automatic fill valve. This device should be inspected monthly as part of a good maintenance program. If the automatic fill valve is malfunctioning or clogged, you should consider replacing it.

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Routine fountain repair and maintenance are essential to keep your water fountain clean and working properly. We hope this guide has helped you learn more about the work involved in keeping your water fountain project looking pristine.

When it comes to outdoor fountain maintenance and repair, hiring a professional company to handle the job is always one of the best ways to ensure your outdoor fountain maintenance is done correctly and efficiently. 

Orange County Pond Fountain Service has been providing professional pond repair services in the Orange County area to location customers since 2001. Our clients can be confident that their outdoor pond repair and pump maintenance is handled by a team of experts with experience using professional parts, materials, fountain products, and accessories.

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