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Important Things To Consider Before Installing a Koi Pond

Important Things to Consider Before Installing a Koi Pond Important Things To Consider Before Installing a Koi Pond

A koi pond is a beautiful addition to almost any landscaping on your property, but it is more complex than simply planting a rose bush or installing a flower bed. Koi pond maintenance is necessary to keep your property looking beautiful and to keep your fish happy and healthy. Before you decide to install a koi pond in your yard there are a few things you will need to consider.

Koi Have A Long Lifespan

If you ask people about which pets live the longest, most will mention parrots or maybe even a tortoise. Fish probably wouldn’t make the list, as most people have vague memories of their goldfish dying within a year or two when they were a child

Koi, however, is not your average fish. Depending on the breed, the size of their pond, and how well they are cared for, koi can live anywhere from 15 – 125 years. In Japan, it is common for some people to leave their koi to family members in their will because the fish can often outlive their owners! Don’t install a koi pond until you are ready to care for a pet for the next several decades.

Water Fountain Repairs Will Be Necessary

When you are running a water fountain in your pond it will require regular upkeep. Algae, debris, mineral build-up, and other issues can clog a water fountain over time, so you will need to schedule time for cleaning on a regular basis.

Water fountain repairs will also be required, just like any other electrical device. Keeping your water fountain in good working order is important not just for the health of your fish, but also because a broken or leaking fountain can waste water. In arid climates or other places where droughts are common, it is especially important to keep your equipment maintained so you aren’t wasting this precious natural resource. Make sure you budget for regular maintenance and repairs when you are installing a koi pond.

Koi May Attract Predators To Your Property

There is nothing worse than investing all the time and money into installing a beautiful koi pond than going outside one morning to discover that something has eaten your fish. Herons, cranes, gulls, pelicans, and sometimes even ordinary house cats can see your lovely fish as a tasty meal.

There are a number of effective ways to protect your fish from predators. You can use decoys like wooden owls or other things to frighten birds away. These are most effective when they are moved around every few days. You can also install a net over the pond to keep your fish safe.

If you aren’t interested in something quite so garish you might consider at least adding a few plants and rocks to act as hiding places for your fish, as well as making sure your pond is deep enough that the fish can put some distance between themselves and the predators of the land and air.