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How to Build an Algae-Free Fish Pond

A beautifully landscaped koi pond with a wooden bridge overhead, offering a view of the tranquil water and the brightly colored fish below. How to Build an Algae-Free Fish Pond

Plants, animals, soil, and water need to naturally co-exist in a natural pond. It doesn’t take a lot of chemicals to keep the water clean and full of oxygen. In fact, a properly built pond will only need regular Orange County koi pond maintenance to clean up a few human wastes and other things that get into the pond by accident. So, how do you build a backyard pond that will give everyone in your house energy and make them healthier?


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Natural Garden Pond Design

Most ponds focus on controlling algae levels by adding chemicals and using filters as well as a circulating pump. What about setting up a pond with all these features? Okay, now that I have your attention keep in mind the following three points.

  • Restrict sunlight to water’s surface. This reduces algae growth
  • Prepare plenty of space for plants
  • Allow enough space for beneficial microorganisms to grow

Room to Grow

Koi fish, frogs, and other living organisms will keep adding organic matter to your pond. This also applies to the nearby plants, shrubs, and even trees. Were it not for the microorganisms which offer regular koi pond service, then the organic matter may build up way out of proportion. Remember, these microorganisms can be found everywhere be it in the soil, plants, or rocks – they will feed on organic matter. To ensure your pond is free of algae ensure that you give enough room to support the growth of microbes. This way, your water will remain clean.

Plenty of Water Garden Plants

If nutrient levels in the pond become too high, then algae will easily fill up the pond and suffocate everything else. However, there is a secret to having an algae-free pond, and this is by allowing a lot of plants to grow in the water to compete for nutrients.

You need to create a pond with marginal water plants that can easily survive the bog-like conditions found at the edge of a pond. You will need these plants to take in their nutrients from the pond, an easy way to do this is by avoiding putting them in pots or soil. Grow them on the stones at the ledge and provide safety and firm support using bigger stones.

Limit Light

Ensure that when building your koi pond there is minimal light allowed in. Water lilies can be good for such purposes, their leaves tend to offer shade, and their roots may take in the nutrients that algae may feed on. These effectively control and completely alleviate algae growth in your pond.

At OC Pond and Fountain Care, we are committed to ensuring that your pond is clean and well-maintained to support healthy living in communities. If you need advice or even professionals to help you build an algae-free pond, do not hesitate to contact us today.