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Asian-Inspired Landscape Ideas For a Beautiful and Tranquil Home

Group of Red Koi Fish - Portfolio | Orange County Pond and Fountain Care Services Asian-Inspired Landscape Ideas For a Beautiful and Tranquil Home
Group of Red Koi Fish - Portfolio | Orange County Pond and Fountain Care Services

Have you always dreamed of jazzing up your home but didn’t know where to begin? You can start by contacting a koi pond service to assist you with beautifying your home with koi ponds and other Asian-inspired designs below.

Koi Ponds

These types of ponds contain koi, a colorful fish native to Japan. Having a koi pond installed in your yard is sure to be a topic of conversation when you have guests over due to the fishes’ bright colors.

Designing a koi pond takes lots of careful planning because you have to ensure that it complements its environment well. You can get some help with design ideas from a koi pond maintenance company. In addition, you can reach out to the company if you need any koi pond repairs.

Hammock and Pieris japonica

This design combines beauty and relaxation. Pieris japonica, a term for the word Japanese andromeda, is a heather plant that’s native to Japan, China, and Taiwan. You can have the hammock constructed over a bed of Pieris japonica in your backyard and relax in it during a warm spring or summer day.

Outdoor Tatami Room/Sunken Dining Area

Consider dining al fresco with friends in this gorgeous setup. This design allows you and your guests to sit on tatami mats while being surrounded by a large vase, paper lanterns, and quartz borders.

Kwan Yin Garden

Have your garden guarded by the Chinese deity Kwan Yin. Kwan Yin is a Buddhist goddess of mercy and compassion. You can place a statue of her near a bed of your favorite flowers.

Bamboo Spigot Garden

Add a bamboo spigot to your garden for a relaxing and lovely ambiance. Have the bamboo spigot installed next to a basalt stone dish so that water pours into it. Enhance this layout with perennial beds and a flagstone patio.

Stacked Stone Staircase

This design is sure to turn heads. Order several stone steps made of any material you wish, then set them up in a staircase pattern in your front or back yard.

Wooden Bridge

Create a sturdy yet lovely gateway to your yard with a wooden bridge. You can have it situated over a small pond and surrounded by treasured plants.

Pebbles and Raked Sand

There’s nothing that screams “Zen” like pebbles and raked sand. Not only are they nice to look at; they allow you to shape them in several patterns. When the mood strikes you, take a rake and design the pebbles and sand in any way you wish.

Stone Lanterns

Stone lanterns, sometimes called pagoda lights, are commonly found in Chinese gardens and Buddhist temples. They make great landscape ornaments because they double as art pieces and as lighting sources. They come in many shapes and sizes, so you can pick ones to decorate your garden in any way you like.

Now you know that there are many designs you can experiment with, take some time to think about which one you would like for your home, then contact us for more information. Feel more than welcome to ask questions about pond designs or anything else on your mind.